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As I told in the last post, we were in the cat show. I look all very nice nests for the cats and they were so LOVELY. The prices however were somewhere between 40-60€. I think it’s little bit too much, especially, because I do not have any guarantees my cat will accept it. Last time I bought a one, she didn’t like it. That’s why I wasn’t willing to by any.

This Sunday I decided to take a look for our cabinets.


I found few pieces of fleece, hair collar from my old coat and thin foam plastic. I made a nest from them to Elli. I was wondering if Elli would like it or not.




She looked for a while, but she took a nap there. I’m very satisfied 🙂



My lovely cat

I was sick and Elli was taking care of me. She was sleeping over my chest.


Or she just kept company for me.


We were in cat show in Willatehdas in Hyvinkää. I was already in that condition that I could leave. Elli didn’t like so much.


We didn’t receive so much success. However, Elli was praised from her muscular, strengths and body. Her big, large, beautiful eyes got lot of thanks also.

This was the second show for Ellimelli. We are not familiars with the manners, but our friends helped a lot, thanks you 🙂


Travelling and taking care of cat

We were in Croatia. Sea was very beautiful, water was clear and green there.


When going to the trip, it’s needed to get a place for the pets or some other arrangements. Latina went to her home, and there she purred in the sofa, when we left.


Latina’s family is still away, so she was there alone the whole week. A friend came to feed her, and played with her. I would not leave Elli alone for more than one day, but cats are different. Some cats can stay alone and they can take care of themselves. Some cats can stay alone even two weeks, if someone just come to give some food for them. On the other hand, other cats (especially kitties) need people around them every day. Also other cat can make loneliness  more bearable, and the days are not similar.

Latina has been borne up quite okay. She has been nervous and there is lot of cat hair everywhere. She’s waiting her family to come back, but they are away almost two weeks. However, if possible and she’s not getting panic, we will keep Latina there.

Elli went to Grandmother’s place, and she is always waited visitor there. When I took Elli there, she started to wrestle and play with Sabbra (she’s grandmother’s cat) immediately. I didn’t exist anymore.  However, week is quite long time and she started to miss back to home. My father got few alarms and Elli bit my mother to her hand. I was worried, because BITING does not belong to her habits at all.

Yesterday evening we came back to home and Elli was already there (someone called and asked a little favor). Elli was mewing and following me all the time. I think I smelled quite bad, because she also tossed me all the time. When I didn’t stroke her and I tried to make some home works, she bit me very lightly from instep. She probably missed us very much.

When I went to sleep, Elli purred over my stomach. My husband said she was there the whole night. You can just imagine how difficult it was to go to work next morning, when to open eyes looked after me?



An alarm

I bought a biking box for Elli.


It’s put on back of the bike, like this way:

The fastening system is not so convenient. Plate in the picture is fastened by using cable ties. And the box itself is fastened by using stickers. Somehow I feel Elli doesn’t like this traveling form. It’s probably better for dogs.


Anyway, I got a great idea (at least I thought so). I took Elli to my garden. I wanted her to get use to the box and staying there in the garden. This  time we went by car.


We arrived there and almost immediately a black bird couple smelled the cat. The couple raised an alarm:

”Piip piip piip piip piip piip piip piip piip piip piip piip piip piip …..”

I had quite many same kind of conversation with my garden neighbors:

”They probably have a nest beside my garden. That’s why they are making so much noise”

”Yes, I think so too, but I think they are making more noise because I have a cat here”

”You have what?”

”I have a cat here”

”ah .. okay, that explains a lot”

Here is mister black bird (some of my neighbors could say it’s male):


I didn’t allow Elli to come out from the box. I just watered and then we went back to home. The alarm was still ringing, but it stopped, when we had some distance to my garden. Neighbors were probably very relieved and the black bird (hopefully) didn’t got a heart attack.


More cat pee

Wetting has stopped, but we can still find places, where is cat pee. The latest (and the most bothersome) places were toaster and my husband’s shoes. Now I understand, why our friends’ cats were so interested about his shoes ;D


Cat pee

… smells!

I don’t know, whether Latina really excreted some smell or not. The source of the smell at least found. It was cat pee. In the last post I told, how our bed smelt. I washed all possible bed-sheets and everything, but the smell remained. I accidently looked under the bed and took the mattress meant for the cats. It was bathed in pee! And the smell was something terrible! I threw it a way.

In the evening it found out, why it started to smell, when Latina came to me beside the conputer. She had just wet over the printer. I just didn’t notice that.


We checked the whole house. We could find pee from doorposts, balcony, sofa, pillows .. You can just imagine, how we became angry. We cleaned the pees, but the smell stayed.

Next morning I went to the kitchen. Again there was pee in the doorposts, kitchen sink, stove, and then Latina wet to the work surface of the kitchen under my eyes. I was so angry and I wanted to get rid of the cat!

But where would we throw her? The only place seemed to be her home, but the family comes after a month. Well, okay, we will keep her, but the wetting needs to stop!

At the mean while we had got a message from the owner: ”Latina may wet wherever, when she has her periods”. Thanks for telling that. nice they didn’t say that before. They allowed us to sterilize the cat or get a tom. Now wetting and periods have stopped. I think we will give her the same pills as for Elli. They are not meant to use for long time, but they are wallet-friendly option for me now.


Now we have a solution for cat pee also. From the nearest pet shop we bought a detergent, which name is EXTREME. I tried and it really removed the smell of the cat pee. It’s not smelling so good, but it’s better than cat pee. And it will fade in the course of time.


Before the detergent, I moved the food plate to the places, where Latina liked to pee. Cat’s are that much tidy, that they don’t do their needs near the places, where they get food. It seemed also help.


What a smell!

Late in the evening in the bed ..

”Is it smelling here?”

”Yes, what’s that?”

”Terrible smell!”

”Where is it coming from?”

We snuffled all blankets and pillows, but we couldn’t find the source of the smell. We ended up laughing to the living room sofas. The smell was something unbelievable.

Next morning I had to air the bedroom, wash the blankets, bed-sheets and even layer mattress. The source of the smell at least found. It’s in the picture below.


Yesterday I sat in front of the computer and the smell came to my nose again. I realized it was Latina. She has her ”periods” and probably excretes some hormone. The smell was terrible. Now our sofas are smelling, how do we clean them?

A picture from Elli also.


And cats together 😉



Terrible news!

I got a phone call today from Elli’s keeper. She had heard from somewhere that Elli’s blood type is B. She called me and asked if it’s true. She also made sure that I know what does it mean. Well, I didn’t know. I didn’t have any  idea. And in addition, I didn’t even remember what was Elli’s blood type. But yes, it’s B.

Of course I needed to google, what kind of problems B blood type will cause to cat birth. I have some facts here:

Cats have three different blood types: A, B and AB (very rare). A-allele is dominative and b is recessive mutate form. A blood type can be either AA or Ab (=carrier of B blood type). It’s not possible to find out from the serology blood test whether the A blood type cat would be AA or Ab. In practice, a cat, who is carrier of B blood type, can get B blood type cats with an other carrier of B blood type or with cat, whose blood type is B. Elli’s mother cat at least was A blood type.

Female cat, whose blood type is B, has anti-A antidotes in her blood. When the female cat feeds the kitties, the antidotes will be there in the beestings. If B female is covered with A male, antidotes of female will be absorbed to the blood circulation of the kitties. There the antidotes will destroy the red blood cells and the kitties will get anemia or in the worst case they will die.

Some B females have only little anti-A antidote, and the kitties can survive without any injury. However, the amount of the antidote will increase brood by brood. Even though the first brood would survive, the second and the brood after that will already get serious injuries. On the other hand, some females have so much antidotes in their blood that even one brood can not survive.

The blood type is not a problem, if the female is A and the male is B. Male, whose blood type is B, can be used for any female, despite of the blood type. It’s not needed to get B male for the B female, because feeding kitties is quite simple. Based on experiences, kitties will grow very well, even though they are not fed with beestings milk.

Antidotes are macromolecular, and can penetrate the intestines of the kitties only during the first hours in their life. If the kitty is tube fed or fed by A female milk, the intestines will come better and absorbing antidotes will be hindered. Then the kitty can be given back the female cat feeding. Nowadays 16 hours is kept as a safe limit for tube feeding. The female cat can take care of kitties otherwise, but feeding needs to be prevented by using a body stocking for example.


I can’t deny that I haven’t think, what would have been happen. When I read about this, it sounded quite challenging. Well, at least now I haven’t quit. I believe it’s possible to leave with this, but it requires very much preparing. And in addition, I love challenges 🙂



We are not use to burn candles at Ellimelli’s home. The reason is that cats don’t leave them alone. Whisker will burn. However, I wanted to put some candles so I put them to the lantern. Of course the candles caused lot of wondering among the cats.

WP_20160504_21_37_04_Pro[1].jpg WP_20160504_21_37_18_Pro[1].jpg

Then it’s Elli’s turn …




Balcony is inviting

Summer is coming, temperature increases. Cats enjoy staying in the balcony.


I found Latina sleeping in the flowerpot.


Little bit closer …


Elli found also a comfortable place.



Hunting pictures

Playing moment with cats. I was wiggling a toy in one hand and by using the other to take pictures. Here are some for your joy 🙂






Especially from Elli it can be seen she understands it wasn’t only wiggling the toy. I was of course laughing like a horse, when cats were wiggling their paw mouth open.




Sleeping beauty




Yesterday we had visitors and Latina hid the whole evening. But when the visitors left and  it was silence, Latina came out.


She came on the keyboard, to my knees and purred as she hasn’t got any caring at all. The lack of attention needed to fix immediately! On the other hand, Elli was getting that all when she was with us. Actually, she got more than enough. Everybody wanted to take Elli to their arms, dab her, hug her and stroke her. Elli was okay with all of that, but the 3-4 month old crying baby was too much. She showed very unsatisfied face for me.

As you probably read between the lines, Latina has begun to feel at home. Well, they are not best friends with Elli, but they relates to each other. However, this kind of cat hair balls appear sometimes to the floor:


Just before visitors came, I found Elli drinking water from the pot. That’s surely very common view for all cat owners.


Yesterday Elli was happy to stay in washbasin. I don’t know what she was thinking but I didn’t wash my teeth this time. (Huoh, cat and her servant)





Around a year ago Latina visited us few months. Maybe you remember. She was very brave, and they had speed and hunting games with Elli. Latina likes eating and after her last visit she had got weight, actually she was like a little ball.

Latina came to us again, she will stay until middle of June.


But what has happened to Latina? She is very thin and shy. Hiding all the time behind or under furnitures. Few days ago I took her behind the sofa and she peed. The floor was dry, but I got a little for my hands.


Elli is very excited about Latina. But if Elli will go close to Latina, she will hiss for Elli, and soon they are fighting. Elli is giving back and little white hair balls just rolls around. I have to keep them in different rooms. If we are at home, the cats can stay at the same space. I have prayed Elli to leave Latina alone. She’s not ready yet.

I think Elli has understood, because Elli is often sitting somewhere nearby but keeping distance at the same time, like in the picture beside. I’m not sure can you see that from the picture, but Elli is little bit frustrated, because she wants to play with Latina

WP_20160402_08_40_16_Pro (2)[1]



When we moved to our new apartment, we got a bath. It was a new experience for Elli. Now Elli likes to go  and roll there, when someone is there in the bathroom.

WP_20160322_07_39_19_Pro (2)[1].jpg

Of course, first the bath caused lot of wondering. It was some of the first days I decided to take a bath. Elli came to look, and she was very worried how I’m in the WATER! She took little distance, made herself comfortable and watched over me. It remind me about my mum. She used to watch me the same way, when I was a little girl.

My husband had a more dramatic event with the cat. My husband went to the bath and opened the shower.

”AUUU – AU -AU -AUAUAUAUAU -Au …. ou ou …!”

He scared and jumped out and looked under the bath. Elli was there. There must have been noisy, when water squelch to the bath. I’m sure it reminds about noise of the water fall. Anyway, my husband took the wet cat out from there. She was so poor.

Despite of bad experiences, the bath interest Elli very much.


A Dog

Here is Ellimellis’s tree:


Elli is sleeping there up.


But what’s happening here at the same time? Here lives a dog in upstares. It’s caving just above where Elli is sleeping. I feel its nose will soon appear from the roof. And what’s Elli doing? She is sleeping!

I’m so amused. I think the dog there in upstares smells our cat, because it’s caving just there, where is our cat. And this is happening almost every day! I’m very happy that Elli don’t mind it.


Our lovely cat

Elli likes to lie in the backrest of the kitchen chair . But I don’t like her habit to claw them!


Lying place

How can I resize and modify the pictures in this program? Anyway, here is our lovely cat 🙂



Elli’s heart softened

I realized one nice thing in Elli’s behavior, when we moved. In our old apartment Elli didn’t like my husband to pet her. She always ran a way and said ”mauu’u”, which means something like ”don’t touch me, I don’t like it”.

But now, she’s going by herself to my husband, lays beside him and allows him to pet her. I was wondering did she keep the old apartment as her own area and didn’t accept my husband as part of it. When we moved, Elli scared we are discarding her. In the end she was very happy, when she realized we didn’t and the new apartment is a new home for all of us, for my husband also.

It’s also nice that my cat is not so jealous anymore and not doing all kind of little wind-ups for my husband.




Today morning I went to work. Elli went to the window to follow my leaving. She hasn’t made this in our previous apartment. So, I was wondering where she has learned this behavior? My husband sent the picture after me and sure I was pleased 😉


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